Cycle Pub to your heart’s desire

Cycle Pub riders aren’t having any fun at all as they pedal and drink their way through the streets of Bend.

Bend is a mecca for both beer and biking. So it makes sense that one of the most popular attractions in Bend is an ingenious mash up of the two.

The Cycle Pub is essentially a bar on wheels, a trolley powered by as many as 14 riders who park their butts on bike seats and pedal their way through the streets of Bend while enjoying the craft beer that the city is famous for.

Wait… wouldn’t this be considered drinking and driving? How is this legal?

Think of it as a limousine or a party bus, except way cooler. A trained (and completely sober) driver steers the Cycle Pub so riders can legally enjoy a local fine-crafted beer or glass of wine en route. It’s strictly BYOB, since the Cycle Pub crew cannot legally serve you. Stops at various breweries around town during the ride will easily hold you over. And the employees are happy to arrange for catered lunch and dinner, live music, or even a bartender to enhance your experience. The Cycle Pub is brilliant because it is a fun and safe way to beat the system and enjoy your beverage while cruising around Bend.

The owner of Cycle Pub, James Watts, originally got the idea for a pub on wheels from his travels in Germany and knew it would be the perfect fit for the beer and biking culture in Bend. And Bendites have fully embraced the business. It is a great way to celebrate anything from birthdays to bachelor/bachelorette parties, for tourists to experience the town, or for locals to let loose with friends. Tours typically start at $300 for two hours, and they can also be reserved for the entire day to accommodate your event. You can also book smaller Cycle Pub “vehicles” for up to six people. Spots fill quickly though, since this is a truly unique and awesome experience.

The Cycle Pub has become an integral part of life in Bend in the summer. Onlookers and passersby love to holler and wave as riders who look like they are having the time of their life pedal down the street. And how can you blame them? Since virtually every Bendite loves biking and beer, they can’t help but be doubly jealous. For more information, visit the Cycle Pub website at


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