Fine Dining in Bend

 Unlimited adventure for your taste buds.

It should be readily apparent that every day at PointsWest is a feast for the senses. And that includes your sense of taste.

In recent years, a new group of sophisticated restaurateurs has settled into Central Oregon. They are some of the top chefs in the country, who have been-there-done-that in the big city and are now choosing to ply their trade in a town where quality of life means as much as the quality of their sauces. How lucky for the rest of us!

You can sample for yourself at many local eateries, including Tetherow Grill, Ariana, 5 Fusion, Joolz and Zydeco.

Local Insight:
When you’re out having a blast on the river, the golf course, the trail or the slopes, it’s not easy to shut down the fun in time for a dinner reservation. That’s why the Bend dining scene has become dominated by the local brewpubs and other casual come-as-you-are eateries.

Thanks to recent expansion, waits at Deschutes Brewery are usually more tolerable these days. There’s always room for more around the fire pit at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. If you want something quicker and closer, Cascade Lakes Brewing is just two roundabouts away from PointsWest. But to discover the new local favorite for any time of day, check out Jackson’s Corner between downtown and the Old Mill District.

The Washington Post Notes the Lively Culinary Scene Brewing in Bend in April 2018


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