Fro-Yo Fanatics

While Bend’s nightlife may be dominated by its growing number of brew pubs, there’s a different type of bar scene that is a lot sweeter—and becoming popular with a much broader audience.

Ever since Cuppa Yo opened its doors on Newport Ave. in 2009, the community has embraced the phenomenon that is the frozen yogurt shop. The creamy “fro-yo” comes from an Oregon-based company called YoCream, and is a tasty alternative to regular ice cream. It has the added health benefits of being lowfat or nonfat and containing beneficial probiotic cultures, and it is certified Kosher, not to mention the protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamins that the yogurt contains. Add some fresh fruit and delicious toppings, and you’ve got a tasty treat perfect for anyone from 1 to 101.

After Cuppa Yo, other shops quickly started popping up, each with their own twist on the craze. Bend Yogurt Factory in downtown Bend is the largest of the shops and offers soups from Harry’s and locally owned Rockin’ Dave’s. Yo Wild in the Cascade Village Shopping Center offers self-serve shakes and dipped waffle cones. While All Mixed-Up in NorthWest Crossing emphasizes their eco-friendly café, organic fro-yo, fresh smoothies, vegan soups, Strictly Organic Coffee and occasional live music.

Maybe it’s the freedom to choose whatever you want for your dessert and the ability to serve it yourself that makes this fad such an attractive alterative. Better yet, you’re even in control of the cost of your cup-of-yo – with prices near 40 cents per ounce – rather than at a fixed rate. You also get choices galore: multiple toppings and unique flavors that change frequently to make your frozen yogurt endeavor a new experience every time. And if that’s not enough to love, these establishments typically stay open until 10:00 or 11:00pm on weekends. So when there is not a scrap of dessert in your fridge and Goodies is closed, you can still get some late night yummy in your tummy.

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